2018 Mileage Masters:

Begins on the first day of August and ends on the third Saturday of October, Super Saturday!

Please read the details carefully; next, ride over to Sloan’s, ask for Kelly, Anthony, or Tammy Noble to register you and record your starting mileage.

Once registered, you can post to Sloan’s Facebook Event Page to show off your destinations and keep up with all your prize milestones as you rack up those miles. Photos of your rides, who you rode with, and even of your odometer readings are welcomed!

The “milestone rewards” are:       

  • *1000 miles – Earn a new Sloan’s T-Shirt and a
    $10 Sloan’s merchandise certificate to use anywhere in our store. ·       

  • *3000 miles – Earns a FREE oil filter with a
    service department oil change and a $20 Sloan’s merchandise certificate to use
    anywhere in the store.·       

  • *5000 miles – Earns 30% off any single regularly
    priced, in-stock, apparel item, all brands included.  Yes, even 30% off that new leather jacket or helmet that costs hundreds of dollars!

Register anytime in  August and again on or about October 20th to log your mileage.  The final check in needs to happen on or before noon on our Super Saturday, October 20th

Winners will be announced at Sloan’s on Saturday, November 3rd, around 12:30pm and posted to our Facebook page shortly after. Enjoy our FREE BBQ lunch to all participants beginning at 11:30a and lasts until the food is gone. 

BTW, join us that same day for the last Indian Motorcycle Demo Truck of the season and try out all the new 2019 models!

Top 3 “Mileage Masters will receive:      

  •  First Place – a trophy of magnificent stature to commemorate the 2018 top mileage rider PLUS a NEW SET OF TIRES (up to a $500 value)·       

  • Second Place – an almost as magnificent trophy commemorating 2nd place and a brand new helmet of your choice up to $250.·       

  • Third Place – a bragging-rights trophy and a $100 Sloan’s merchandise certificate to be used anywhere in the store.

To earn some really cool door prizes along the way, make these rides and take a selfie with your motorcycle to earn door prize tickets that will enter you to win lots of awesome motorcycle stuff:

1)    Ride to Jack Daniels and take a picture in front of the Welcome to Jack Daniels Sign – Earn 20 door prize tickets

2)    Ride to the Bridge to Nowhere and take a picture of your bike with the bridge in the background – Earns 10 door prize tickets

3)    Ride to Loveless Café and get a picture of your bike and you in front of the Loveless sign earn 20 door prize tickets.

4)    Ride to the Bell Buckle Café and get a picture of you and your bike with it in the background and earn 10 door prize tickets

5)    Ride to the Natchez Trace and get a picture of the big bridge in the background with your and your bike earn 25 tickets.

6)    Ride to Fall Creek Falls State Park and get a picture of you and your bike by the park sign and earn 25 tickets

7)    Ride to Montgomery Bell State Park and get a picture of you and your bike by the park sign and earn 25 tickets.

8)    Ride to Burgess Falls and get a picture of you and your bike in front of the park sign and earn 25 tickets.

9)    Ride to Paris Landing State Park and get a picture of you and your bike in front of the park sign and earn 25 tickets.

10)  Ride to Deal’s Gap and get a picture in front of the Dragon Statue and earn 100 tickets! 

For You Over-Achievers:      

Any rider that provides and share their pictures from these 10 rides will earn a $25 merchandise certificate·       

The Rider who records the longest ride during this time period will earn 100 extra tickets.·       

Tennessee shares boarders with 8 states; for riders who gets a recent picture with the welcome sign to all 8 states, we will give them a $50 merchandise certificate. (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia)·       

We are already looking forward to the awards day, Saturday, November 3rd

Have fun and ride safe and go start getting those miles!



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