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Financing is Easy at Sloan's! 

Need financing? Well, you're not alone.  

  • 7 out of every 10 of our customers arrange their financing with Sloan's!
  • With a minimum down payment (10% to 20% on average) and your good credit, we can get you on the road - or trails - fast! 
  • With 12 brands and over 500 units in-store on any given day, the only hard part is just finding the right ride for you!

So, How Do I Get Pre-Approved?

If you've ever bought a big-ticket item you know waiting for finance approval is a huge time-delay!

We have the answer - just fill out and submit your application now, before coming to the store!  Here's why:

1) Pre-approval saves you time and empowers you to shop with confidence and peace of mind!

2) Our application site is as secure as any bank's, so your information is SAFE. 

3) There's NO OBLIGATION to buy anything, and there is NO COST to you! 

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