2018 Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone

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    2018 Moto Guzzi V7 III
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    740cc, 4-Stroke, 2 cylinders OHV, 4 valve, V Twin
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    Sloan's Motorcycle


The Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone now has a stronger and more personal aesthetic connotation than it ever had before.

Eclectic and essential, it foregoes any chrome parts, embracing the darkness of its matte black paintwork. Sticking with V7 tradition, though, it is also available in other attractive, satin-finish colors inspired by typical 70’s shades besides Nero Ruvido (matte black): Azzurro Elettrico (blue), Verde Camouflage (green) and Giallo Energico (yellow).

The total “dark matte” look characterizes the V7 III and distinguishes it from the other V7 versions, but that is not the only difference.

The V7 III Stone is the only V7 III that arrives with spoked wheels and single circular display instrumentation. The front fender was also shortened to highlight its essential sporty look.


To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the V7, which arrived in Italy in 1967, Moto Guzzi introduces the V7 III. This third-generation V7 is completely revamped to maximize owner satisfaction and riding pleasure, while leaving the motorcycle’s originality and authenticity unaltered.

Since its introduction, the V7 became a pillar of the Moto Guzzi product range. An entry-level bike that is dedicated to both men and women, the V7 became the company’s best seller in 2009.

Enter the V7 III, which is available in three versions: Stone, Special and Racer. A limited-edition Anniversario model is also available for 750 lucky Moto Guzzistis. 

The Stone is the V7 III lineup’s dark version, catering to the riders who don’t crave chrome. The V7 III Stone also lends itself exceptionally well to customization, allowing you to create your own style of V7--like a tailored-fit suit.


Though power was increased by 10% due to a new 90-degree transverse V-twin engine, the V7 remains Moto Guzzi’s entry-level model.

The V7 III Stone retains the stylistic personality of the original V7 model, but with a much more mature and robust attitude--primarily to the presence of the dual pipe exhaust manifold and cylinder heads, both oversized. 

But some things should not change, such as the metal fuel tank with its 5.5-gallon capacity and style that’s inspired by the magnificent 1971 V7 Sport. The aluminium fuel cap is no longer flush with the tank line, but it is a screw cap and, as in the previous models, it has a lock. 

Other new style elements on the V7 III Stone are:

- Newly design injector covers

- Sleeker side fairings

- New saddle

- New Turn Signals

- 1.5” Wider Mirrors for increased visibility

- New Instrumentation

The rich catalog of dedicated accessories includes the MG-MP, the Moto Guzzi multimedia platform that connects your smartphone to your vehicle, providing an exceptional quantity of useful travel information.


The 2017 Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone features a redesigned chassis. The steel frame maintains the dismountable double cradle layout of its predecessor and the same weight distribution (46% front; 54% rear), but the front part has been completely revamped and reinforced.

The V7 III Stone chassis introduces a new steering geometry that guarantees more dynamic cornering, and sharper handling and stability--a setup that meets all the riding needs of the modern biker. Furthermore, the entire structure has benefited from a painstaking finishing operation on the details, including the welds and the paint.

New for 2017 are Kayaba shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload. This suspension provides a more progressive and controlled response in any situation, even while riding two-up. Passenger comfort was also improved due to a revised seating position, and repositioned footpegs, which are now lower and farther forward.

The rider's position changes, although not by much, due to the lower seat, now 30.3” high, and the new aluminium foot pegs. The seat/handlebar/pegs rider triangle now caters to any size of rider. The chassis structure revamping is completed by the rear brake master cylinder with built-in reservoir that optimizes braking duties.


There are many excellent twin cylinder engines in the world, but there is only one transversal V-twin, and it is the Moto Guzzi twin. This transverse powerplant was born in 1967 out of an ingenious intuition by Giulio Cesare Carcano, and characterized by a configuration of the cylinders so particular that it made it an integral part of the bike's design, like a true modern art metallic sculpture. 

In the mid-weight V7, the engine has arrived at its third evolution and it has therefore been entirely revamped with respect to the previous unit mounted on the V7 II. This third evolution was developed with the goal of raising riding pleasure and fun on the road to a maximum, as well as guaranteeing higher performance and reliability.

The V7 III Stone’s aluminium crankcase, stiffened in the key points, uses a new oil sump and a crankshaft with inertial calculated for easier revving and stronger engine braking. The crankcase lubrication system was designed to optimally dissipate and reduce power absorption in favor of both performance and a reduction in fuel consumption. 

The V7 III’s 744cc engine’s new ventilation system reduces power loss due to the internal pumping of the crankcase chambers and a reduced capacity oil pump capable of absorbing less power. The oil pump intake duct is new, as is the related by-pass valve and piston cooling oil jets have been introduced that have a flow control and management valve. The alternator cover is also new, now with built-in exhaust blow-by.

The Stone’s engine also features new aluminium heads, pistons and cylinders, although the bore and stroke values are the same as the previous unit (80 x 74mm), confirming the V7 III’s intention as the Moto Guzzi entry-level motorcycle. As per tradition, the timing is controlled by a pushrod and rockers system with two valves per cylinder, now arranged in an inclined position (more efficient) in the head. 

The V7 III Stone’s fuel system is entrusted to a single-body Marelli electronic injection system managed by an electronic control unit. The exhaust system is also new, fitted with double pipe manifolds that improve thermal insulation. With the auxiliary air system intake in the heads, combined with the trivalent catalytic converter, the double oxygen sensor and the new engine design, the Moto Guzzi twin 750 complies with the Euro 4 pollution standard.

Maximum power has increased to 52 horsepower at 6200 rpm, and 44.2 ft/lbs of torque at 4900 rpm, with a truly flat torque curve that promise ease of use combined, as always, with that typical character and quick response of a Moto Guzzi engine. 

Another innovative aspect of the Moto Guzzi engine is the dry single-disc clutch that increases sturdiness and reliability over time. The clutch was designed for a light pull at the lever, again building on the V7’s entry-level rider intentions. 

The six-speed transmission introduced on the V7 II, precise and smooth, is unchanged but now benefits from a different first and sixth gear ratio, handy for taking full advantage of the engine's torque and power characteristics.


The V7 III Stone has an ABS system and a new adjustable MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control) system that can also be disabled. The ABS is a two-channel Continental system that prevents the wheels from locking up during intense braking, and the two-level traction (wet or dry conditions) control prevents rear-wheel spin in acceleration.


The Moto Guzzi multimedia platform is available as an option for the new V7 III Stone. MG-MP allows you to connect the bike to your smartphone. Thanks to a dedicated application, downloadable free from App Store and Google Play, your smartphone (iPhone or Android) becomes an actual sophisticated on board multifunctional computer and the link between the vehicle and the Internet.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to simultaneously view five parameters of your choice at a time, selected from a vast menu that includes: speedometer, rev counter, instant power, instant torque, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed, battery voltage, longitudinal acceleration and extended trip computer. The “Eco Ride” feature helps to limit fuel consumption and to maintain eco-compatible riding conduct, providing a brief assessment of the results obtained during the trip.

You can record trip information and review it on your computer or directly on your smartphone, analyzing the route taken, viewing the vehicle operating parameters point by point. The system also allows you to easily locate your vehicle when you park in a strange place, automatically saving the position where it was switched off. MG-MP includes the “Grip Warning” function which replicates the indications on traction control operation and alerts you in the event of excessive use of available traction.

Thanks to the synergistic use of gyroscopes and the information coming from the direct connection with the V7 III Stone’s electronics, the smartphone becomes a sophisticated instrument to measure the lean angle in turns.


Looking to customize your V7III Stone? Check out our Original Moto Guzzi Accessories for the entire V7 III lineup. 

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