Thursday, August 16th!

Here are the usual details:

  • Anytime riding is "Happy Hour" - ours starts at 6p with kickstands up at 6:15 
  • Meet at Sloan's, in front of the Indian motorcycle showroom entrance
  • Weather matters - we use the 50/50 rule... 
  • The 50/50 rule?  If the forecast is for 50% (or greater) chance of rain - or, a riding time temp of 50 degrees (or lower) - the ride is scrubbed
  • The ride is to a middle Tennessee restaurant, and we try to keep the ride to 45 - 60 minutes
  • All riders, all brands are welcomed, and loud pipes ride in the back!
  • After supper, everyone rides their own route home
  • Because our customers are spread all over middle Tennessee, we do vary the restaurant destinations in different directions each month, but if you don't mind spoiling the "Mystery" and want to meet-up with us there, call the day-of for ride details - 615-225-6030 (Anthony) or 615-225-6021 (Curtis)