Summer-TAG-Game at Sloan's


This riding season, Sloan's is hosting a photo tag game! 

Here's how it works:

  • Every other Friday from May through October we will ride to a new secret (or not so secret) location, snap a photo and post the tag to our Facebook and Instagram pages. 
  • You have 2 weeks to tag the location yourself. Some of the locations will be tricky to find!
  • Each tag will be worth a designated number of points depending on difficulty.
  • To tag the location you must take a similar photo, post to your own profile and share it to us in a private message. Your motorcycle must be in the photo! 
  • Be sure to tag us (@Sloans_Motorcycle) in the photo too! If we don't see your post, you won't get points!
  • If you get the tag, you get the points! 
  • Special challenges will be announced as the game continues which can qualify you for bonus points too! 
  • The first person to tag each location gets their points AND a Sloan's T-shirt! Everyone else will only get the points. 
  • At the end of the season we will award prizes to the top taggers! 

Special Reminders:

  1. The latest updates are found on our Facebook page!  Click Here...
  2. You will be disqualified from the prize pool if you give away the active tag location!
  3. No posting the location in the comments!
  4. Photo must be taken during the tag period. Old photos will not count!