Every 2 weeks we will post up a "TAG" image. The image will feature one of the demo bikes we ride and will be next to landmarks or other local "destinations" someone may be interested in riding to. Some destinations may be easy to identify and some may be difficult.
The rules are pretty simple:
  • Riders will see the TAG post and try to figure out the location. Some locations are easier than others.
  • Riders will have just 2 weeks to locate the tag, ride to it, and take a similar photo of them/their bike in front of the secret location. 
  • Riders will post up the photo to receive points. On Instagram they can post the photo on their own profile and tag @SloansMotorcycle and #SloansTag. On Facebook they can post their photo as a comment on the original tag photo.
  • To get points, Riders must submit the image in the appropriate method. Image must match the active tag. Motorcycle must be in the photo.
  • Each tag destination will be worth a different amount of points. More points for harder to find tag locations.
  • Bonus points can be awarded for meeting special challenge criteria. For example, take a photo of you and your motorcycle in this location, wearing a Sloan's T-shirt to get 2 extra points!
  • Points will be tracked through the end of the season. May 1st through October 31st. 
  • The first person to get each Sloan's Tag will win a Sloan's Vintage Collection T-shirt! 
  • Everyone else who tags in the 2 week time frame will only receive designated points. 
I will keep a google spreadsheet with names and points tallies for each tag. I will relay T-shirt winner names to Kelly every 2 weeks so she can have a shirt ready for them. At the end of the season we should have some prizes (TBD) to award the top 3 participants. Maybe gift cards, a new helmet, etc. 

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