In the saddle, you breathe deeper, smile bigger, and your heart beats louder. Responsibilities blow off your back. A ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can make any weekend epic. It can turn a daily commute into an adrenaline-fest. A Harley-Davidson blows things wide open. Pure freedom. As big and real as it gets.




Jack Galloway

"I visited Sloan's Saturday with kids in tow to learn about UTVs. Adrian quickly helped me narrow it down to the Kawasaki Mule and the Polaris 900. She was super informative and glad to pull them out and let me drive them around the parking lot. She helped me make the decision, get the deal done including lots of texts back and forth about accessories, paperwork, etc. and they will be delivering to my farm today. Big fan of Adrian's and she made the process easy and fun. "

Candy Boston

We went in last month and traded our motorcycle for a 2017 Indian Springfield. Niki and Anthony were so helpful in deciding which bike would be best for us. They answered all of our questions and explained the different features of the bikes. Delta took care of all the paperwork and made it so easy. "

Mike Moseley

“I recently purchased a new 2018 Indian Scout and Nathan did a great job meeting my expectations. We essentially negotiated the offer over the phone and the sales agreement was exactly as promised. This is my second purchase from Sloans and I would recommend Nathan. ”


Gift Card Request must be submitted before the test ride. One Gift Card per household and immediate family* per 365 days. Gift Card offer expires 30 days from submission date, must be 21 or older with a valid U.S. Driver’s License to qualify.  The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. * The term “immediate family” includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren, whether as “in-laws,” or by current or past marriage(s), remarriage(s), adoption, co-habitation or other family extension, and any other persons residing at the same household whether or not related. Sloan's Motorcycle and ATV reserves the right to refuse the gift card offer for anyone violating these terms.