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Service Department

FAQ's regarding changes in our service operations:

  • Why do major repairs and even routine maintenance now take so long?  Sloan's used to be so fast!
    • The sad truth is our supply chains for parts and accessories are almost 100% Asian-sourced and pass through short-staffed ports-of-entry and short-staffed warehouses, many located in states that are still at least partially locked-down.  What used to take 3 days now may take up to 3 weeks to receive!

Why has Sloan's starting working by appointment? You used to offer Same Day Maintenance!  The main reason are:

  • We still do "same-day" maintenance, but now we need to plan "what day" (with an appointment) so we can make sure we have the parts & the staff to get the maintenance job done the same-day you bring in your unit.
  • Short-staffing here due to illness, family-time, etc.
  • Parts shortages (see above)

  • Does Sloan's still offer FREE service pickup and delivery (PUD)?
    • Temporarily, yes. PUD's must be scheduled as daily capacity is limited.
    • We are waiving the charges for PUD due to the long wait times. This is a savings to you of $89 to $159!
    • PUD appointments are currently 7 to 10 days booked in advanced.
  • I can never talk to the service department by phone.  What's the matter with you guys?
    • These are unprecedented times and circumstances. We agree that phone communication with us is difficult.  A conversation with Service is best started online, by text (best) or email (next best).
    • Use the form on this web page to email an appointment request, or text us using the chat-bubble, also on this page.

Thank you for understanding that these are extraordinary, difficult times and for your patient cooperation!  We hope that this adjustment to our work-flow is temporary and does not become "business as usual"!


Our Sloan's Team is amazing - check our our Google Reviews!  

Need maintenance? - you know, tires replaced, oil, fluids, and filter changes, brake work or other routine service items - we're your shop! Before you order tires on-line, contact us for a quote on our total out the door installed prices - you'll be surprised how competitive we are!

Need major repairs? No worries, we can handle any of the brands we sell: Polaris, Indian, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, Guzzi, Aprilia, Vespa, Can-Am, Spyder, Ryker, and Slingshot. 

Use this form - or the text messaging box - tell us what you need; choose an appointment date, and we'll confirm your service appointment and answer your questions in minutes! You can direct-dial our Service Department: 615.240.2335; but texting or email is faster!

Just a Word About "Old" Models -  

Once a motorcycle or ORV reaches about 10 years old, parts availability gets sketchy and some types of repairs can be expensive and sometimes impossible.  Often, the cost of repairs can easily exceed the value of an aged model. 

If you are willing to bring this type of unit to us for a no-cost "parking lot inspection", we'll give you our HONEST opinion.  If we decline to service your vehicle, we can recommend shops in middle Tennessee that specialize in older models.

Pick-Up & Delivery -  

We can pick-up and/or delivery your motorcycle, ATV or Side-by-Side for much less than a towing service, saving your valuable time and money. Starting at $89 for Rutherford County and only $159 for bordering counties. 

Live further away?  We'll try to help out with a market-fair fee - just let us know how we can help get your ride to our store. 

Bought Your Unit Somewhere Else?

No worries, we'll show you why we're way better than them - it's all about the Service!

We honor valid Factory Warranties and Extended Service Agreements ("extended warranties") sold by other dealers. At check-in, show us your contract papers and we'll do our best to get you covered!

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